Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California’s COVID-19 Emergency Food Subsidy Program

The purpose of the COVID-19 Emergency Food Subsidy Program is to provide a food subsidy for enrolled Washoe Tribal Head of Households in the form of grocery store gift cards to help purchase food for their household.

Amount: The COVID-19 Emergency Food Subsidy Program offers a $200 grocery gift card per household per month for up to three months with a maximum of $600 per household. This program will begin June 1, 2020 and end December 1, 2020.

Eligibility: All enrolled Washoe Tribal Member Head of Households. Head of Households who are not enrolled Washoe Tribal members but reside in the Carson Colony, Stewart Community, Dresslerville Community, or the Hung-A-Lel-Ti Community may also be eligible. Please remember that this is a per-household program.

Submission of receipts is mandatory. Prior to receiving the second and third month’s grocery gift card, receipts will be examined to verify purchases made with the grocery gift card are within compliance of the COVID-19 Emergency Food Subsidy Program. The purchase of alcohol, tobacco, toys, electronics, tools, firearms, furniture, gift cards, and other non-food items is strictly prohibited. If after examination of receipt(s) by the Washoe Tribe’s Social Services staff, there is found to be a purchase of a prohibited item, the Head of Household will no longer be eligible for the COVID-19 Emergency Food Subsidy Program. 

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